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Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Lanre Idewu of Fit4LA.com aka “The Dr. Phil of Fitness” has discovered the Secret to achieving Fitness Success and Overall Wellness.

After having trained countless celebrities and having appeared on “Oprah”, “Entertainment Tonight,”“Starting Over,” “Biggest Loser”, E!’s “101 Incredible Celebrity Slimdowns”,“20/20” People Magazine and P90X, he has come to one conclusion and is eager to share it with the world:


In order to have lifelong fitness success, your program must be as personal as your fingerprint. Unfortunately, not all of us have celebrity-sized budgets so Lanre is offering this amazing, one-time special to Living Social members to help jumpstart your summer.

No one in Los Angeles is offering such an incredible deal. Not only will you put your body in motion, but you will also gain invaluable tools, tips and techniques that are guaranteed to change your life forever.

Lanre and Fit4LA don’t stop when the deal is over, in fact, it’s just beginning. He and his staff will support you with a thorough after-care program (included) which will give you the extra support to help keep you on the right path.

If you have been pondering making 2013 the year you take back your health, this is the program for you.

(1) -Comprehensive Intake A detailed assessment of your health, history, experience and ability levels. No program should begin without one. (Value $100)

(1) – Fit Diagnostic Fitness test that determines your current fitness level and creates ability-specific short-term and long-term goals. (Included with Intake)

(1) – Nutrition Analysis, Meal Plan and Calorie Tracking Program- Food is the body’s fuel and we will teach you how to eat to keep your body running at optimum performance. (Value $100)

(12) – 50min Prive Fit Sessions – Small group training that combines individual attention with the fun of a group dynamic. Sessions are intimate yet take place in a collaborative and supportive setting. (Value $144)

(1) – Private, Individualized 50min Session with Fit4LA Trainer – Spend 50minutes with a highly specialized and experienced fitness professional who will focus on a workout specific to your body’s needs. (Value $150)

(1) – Post Program Analysis – Your progress in print! See how far you’ve come in only 4 weeks! (Included with Program)

(1) – Roadmap for Continued Success – A custom plan designed specifically for you, based on your individual achievements, goals, resources and schedule. (Value $100)

(4) – Follow-Up Sessions – Online or Telephonic Coaching/Motivation Session (15 minutes per week) (Value $50ea)

Full Program Value over $549!!!